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Cows' cocktail

We put up our corn silage the first week of September. What is silage you may be wondering? Silage is grass or green fodder, in our case corn, which is compacted and stored without being dried first and is used as feed during the wintertime. Others use silage as feed year-round. Some may store their silage in silos, bunkers or bags. We pack our silage pile right on top of the ground in our hay yard, near our feed lot where we feed cows, heifers and yearling bulls during the winter.

Corn silage is a high-energy feed stuff which we can produce at a relatively low cost compared to other feed stuffs. When making corn silage, a chopper harvests the entire corn plant; nothing goes to waste. The corn plant is chopped into small pieces gathered in a silage truck. The trucks dump the freshly cut corn near the pile while loader tractors work to form and pack the pile.

As the chopped corn is compressed, the pile beings to ensile. The cells of the corn plant are alive and breathing; the breathing…

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