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Ranch-related hiatus

I realize consistent, frequent blogging is the success to being a fully-fledged blogger. I also realize I have failed (see last post dated Sept. 11). But, I also realize I wear many hats, and sometimes devoting time to speak to an anonymous internet crowd is not on the wardrobe list.

We have been nothing short of busy at Bichler Simmentals and Red Angus. To catch you up to speed would be too long of a post; you would not read the eloquence in its entirety anyways.

The most important thing coming down the docket is our 14th annual production sale slated for Tuesday, Feb. 12 at our ranch in Linton, N.D. The sale starts at 1 p.m. CST with a lunch and viewing of all lots occurring before the start time. We are talking homemade chili, cookies, rolls, coffee, bread, butter. You name it. You won't want to miss the camaraderie or the cattle.

Speaking of cattle, this year we will be selling 70 yearling bulls as well as 50 open and bred heifers including a couple you-pick groups (Did someon…

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