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Happy anniversary, my right arm

Anniversaries are a funny thing. A wedding anniversary blooms memories of pure joy, love; a day when even the horrible weather could not have squandered the moment. A birthday, a life celebrated, a newborn's arrival, a last birthday lived out with loved ones on this earth. Anniversary of a baptism, of a first date, an engagement.  We've had a new anniversary to mark as of late. Doug's farm accident occurred in the evening hours of June 26, 2017. His ampuversary, a legitimate thing (#ampuversary), June 27. Yes, we celebrate that Doug is alive. We swell with happiness he lived to meet our daughter and continue to have another daughter two years later. We realize how lucky we are. We are blessed with friends' and family's help and support. But, this anniversary is so damn hard. When the sun sets this time of year, I see Doug being driven away in the back of an ambulance not knowing if he'd be alive on the other end. When it starts to get dark in June, I feel the sp

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