Sometimes you just have to write. Write to inform, write to inspire, write to improve and write to unwind. Here at Bichler Simmentals and Red Angus, we want to write for you; to provide you with a glimpse of the ins and outs of our ranch. From how we live to how we conduct business, we invite you to journey with us.

Our 250 cow-calf ranch has a mission to produce genetically and phenotypically superior cattle for the purebred and commercial producer. We place special emphasis on performance, EPDs, disposition, udder quality and structural soundness. We host our annual production sale the second Tuesday of February right here on the ranch. Located in south central Emmons County, you'll find our 97-year-old ranch amidst rolling hills and towering buttes southwest of Linton, N.D.
Our land supplies forage and grain for livestock feed, and we are proud to provide our cattle with summer pastures and winter total mixed rations. Doug, my husband, represents the third generation to live and operate the ranch. Patrick, Doug's nephew, joins him in the day-to-day operations; while our daughter, Amelia, and I aid when we can and otherwise hold down the fort in the house.

So from cattle to cooking, prosthetics to production sales, we'll write again. Follow us.

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